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Pokemon Boutique is Online!

The Pokemon Boutique is now in store & online!

We sold out of our Rainbow Evolution Unisex Top at the Pokemon Party! But we had a little more fabric we printed, so we are cutting more of these tops! They will be released online, Friday morning at 10am!! This is our last batch of fabric, so don't miss out on your chance to own this amazing top, $60 each.

(FOR PICKUP ORDERS:  If you would like to pick up, just order online, and we will refund your shipping when you pick up your order in person. Just email us to let us know not to ship it, and that you will be coming by to pick it up in person.)

Up on our online store now, we have a small amount of the Rainbow Evolution Cropped Tanks, $40 each.


And the Rainbow Evolution Dress, is online, $75. Available in Sizes S, M, L, XL.

Come in store and check out all of the cute Pokemon Stuff! The Pokemon Boutique will be up through March 27th. Here are some of the cute things we have in the Boutique!

Pokemon Plush, $15.99 each. Choose between Amaura, Litleo & Pancham! More characters on the way!

Keep your head warm with these Pokemon Beanies! Pikachu Beanie, $19.99; Meowth Beanie, $20.99; Pikachu Laplander, $20.99.

We have tons of cute Pokemon Hats to choose from! Pikachu Trucker Hat, $19.99; Cute new Snapback hats! Choose Eevee,  Meowth, or Pikachu, $22.99 each.

These Pikachu Headbands look cute on adults and kids! Pikachu Adult Headband, $20; Pikachu Kids Headband, $14.99.

Be on time with these Pokemon LED Watches. Choose between Eevee, Pikachu, or Pokeball watch, $8.99 each.

Have a Pokemon Lunch with this Pikachu Lunchbag and Tumbler! Pikachu Lunchbag, $11.99; Pokemon Tumblers, $12.99 each.

We have lots of awesome Pokemon books to choose from. Pokemon Origami Book, $12.99; Pokemon Adventure Book Vol. 1-3, $9.99 each; Pokemon XY Books Vol. 1-5, $4.99 each.

The Pokemon Jewelry we have is so cute! This super special Onch Movement Pokemon Necklace is only available at JapanLA. It is dipped in 14kt gold and has Swarovski Crystal Cheeks. Super Limited, only 40 made, $400. We also have these New Pokeball Men's Ring, $22.99. 

Carry your things in a Pokemon Backpack! Pikachu Backpack, $13.99; Pokeball Backpack, $15.99; Squirtle Mini Backpack, $13.99.

Get comfy with these Pikachu Slippers, $29.99; Pikachu Boot Slippers, $31.99. Eevee Slippers sold out on Pokemon Day, but more are on their way this week!

Check out our instagram for more cute Pokemon things and don't forget to use the hashtags #JapanLA & #PokemonBoutique so we can see your cute pictures! 

IGN wrote about our Pokemon Party! Check out the story HERE!  

Did you take a picture in the Pokemon Photobooth? You can view your pics and download a cute gif HERE!


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