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tokidoki + Hello Kitty = <3

tokidoki has a blog now! and look what i found on it...

tokidoki & hello kitty together...i can't wait!

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tokidoki Weekend Fun!

Hi, Here are some more pics...the tokidoki fandomonium is crazy...I love it. Come visit me at JapanLA this weekend. We have so much stuff, and we haven't even taken pictures of everything yet. This is Kei, he unofficially works for JapanLA, which means he hangs out here a lot and helps me do things, like pack your boxes we ship out to you...and we have guitar hero battles We only have like 7 of these sweatshirts left. He is wearing a small...Kei is hot and he likes death metal and moshing....and he hearts his sidekick and psp...He is single ladies...Now I'm selling people on's great...leave him a comment.

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So Much tokidoki At JapanLA Tomorrow!!!!!

Hi! I just got a bunch of tokidoki in today. Yes, we have the new girls all-over tokidoki hoodies in grey. Stpehanie was working today, so she got to be the model today. These are the hoodies you guys have been calling me about. They're $84, just like the guys ones were. I love them. Steph is wearing a medium, they run pretty true to size.

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tokidoki And JapanLA Love!

I just got some super cute pictures from Stephanie, she came into JapanLA last weekend on her way to Disneyland for her 5 year Anniversary. Congratulations Stephanie! This is the front of JapanLA.

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