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Creativity Contest Winners! New tokidoki T-Shirts, New Era Hats, Journals...

Hi Friends, Here are the contest winners for the JapanLA tokidoki Ultimate Creativity Competition Mind Explosion Extravaganza! JapanLA and tokidoki both judged the contest. It was really hard. You guys all had awesome creative stuff. The 1st Place Winners will each get an Adios and Ciao Ciao figure signed by Simone. 2nd Place Winner will get a Mozzarella figure signed by Simone. 3rd Place Winner will get Bastardino signed by Simone. Just email me your full name, address, phone # to redeem your prize, at Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who entered. For 1st Place, there was a tie! 1st Place Winner: #12 Cada Baby Helmet 

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New Friends At JapanLA...


Hi! Thanks for coming to my party last Saturday...I hope you guys had fun...The pictures are available at:, then click on "galleries" and then click on the JapanLA Party link...We'll put them up on our site later on. Here are some pics of new friends we have at JapanLA. Oh, we have the Spiaggia tokidoki bags in, but only a small amount, so if you want one, let us know asap, and we'll send you them, or come in and get them... This is Kyle, He dj'd our party last week, and now he hangs out with us at JapanLA all the time...He takes fun pictures..Leave him a comment. Here's Kyle with a new character we got in...His name is "Toast." He is $20...We love him.

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Big Gloomy Bears Are Here! And Buff Monster Tees For Girls!

We just got in the big 16 inch, plastic Gloomy Bears back in. Last time we had these, they sold out right away. We have pink and pink w/blood. $35 each.

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Hello Kitty Chopsticks And Charms! tokidoki Amore Bags! Hookups!

Friday the 13th is a lucky day...we just got more tokidoki LeSportsac Amore bags...we have Bella, Buon Viaggio, Portotelefono, Ciao, Bracielleto, Luna, Bocce, and Bambino...Here is a pic...If you want these, come tomorrow, they sold out in one day last time we had them....we are also getting more Canguro, Ciao Ciao, Buon Viaggio, and a few Giocco, probably on Monday.

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Spicy Brown Love...

Hi! We just got new JapanLA stickers. Come to JapanLA and we will give you some. I heart JapanLA...

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