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Buff Is The Stuff!

omg! we have buff monster stuff now for guys! Kei just started putting it all on today as soon as he saw it...there are 3 styles of shirts...the grey one is hand screened...we only have 4 of them...they are $30 each...and we have the sticker packs with a pin ($10)...japanla hearts buff monster!

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Bunny Love And New tokidoki Watches...















We just got a bunch of Fat Rabbit Farm shirts in, just in time for Easter. JapanLA is donating a portion of the sales of these shirts to the Bunny Bunch. The Bunny Bunch is a nonprogit organization who finds homes for abandoned bunnies. Around Easter time, many people bring bunnies home as a cute idea for Easter. Then, when they get tired of them, they dump them in parks and random places, and they start multiplying...So, if you want to help the bunnies, buy some Fat Rabbit shirts.

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Spicy Brown Love...

Hi! We just got new JapanLA stickers. Come to JapanLA and we will give you some. I heart JapanLA...

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What Is Going On At JapanLA?!!!!!!

Hi Everyone! Today was a crazy, random day! We took lots of fun pictures! We still have gloomy bears in stock, but they are going fast. So, come in or call us if you want one...We also have the tokidoki baby onesies in stock, which the gloomys felt like wearing today while they were playing Katamari Damacy...

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tokidoki Weekend Fun!

Hi, Here are some more pics...the tokidoki fandomonium is crazy...I love it. Come visit me at JapanLA this weekend. We have so much stuff, and we haven't even taken pictures of everything yet. This is Kei, he unofficially works for JapanLA, which means he hangs out here a lot and helps me do things, like pack your boxes we ship out to you...and we have guitar hero battles We only have like 7 of these sweatshirts left. He is wearing a small...Kei is hot and he likes death metal and moshing....and he hearts his sidekick and psp...He is single ladies...Now I'm selling people on's great...leave him a comment.

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