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Get Lazy with Gudetama!!

November 02, 2016

Feel lazy, but look cute with our new Gudetama Lazy Top! The back has black and white stripes and Gudetama on the front, $42. Official collaboration with Sanrio x JapanLA!


Cuddle up and be cozy with Gudetama! Available in-store or call/email us to order them! Large Sleeping Gudetama Plush, $29.50; Sanrio Original Fuzzy Gudetama Cushion, $17; Medium Plush, $14.75 each; Mini Plush, $8.75 each.

Keep your lunch cute and fresh in a Gudetama Bento! Yellow Sandwich Bento, $6.50; Rice Ball Bento, $7.50; 3D Bento, $14; White Sandwich Bento, $8.50.

Hide your coins with Gudetama! The refrigerator coin bank doubles as a pencil holder, $28. The Suitcase Coin Bank, $24.20, talks whenever you put coins inside of it! It says 7 different catch phrases including "Every penny counts" & "Don't waste your money." 

Start your 2017 off right with a cute NEW Sanrio Original Gudetama Calendar! Small Blue Desk Calendar, $3.99; Long Yellow Wall Calendar, $7.99; Hugging Egg White Calendar, $15.99; Diary Planner, $14.99; Yellow Spiral Wall Calendar w/ Stickers, $6.99; Mini Calendar, $2.99.

The NEW Gudetama Collection from Loungefly is so cute! Carry Gudetama with you everywhere with this Gudetama Dome Bag, $66 & Face Wallet, $37! 

Gudetama All Over Purse, $70.

This Gudetama Backpack & Gudetama Pencil Case are great for holding school supplies or your things while traveling! Backpack, $45; Pencil Case, $8.99.


Come visit us at JapanLA to see more cute Gudetama stuff in person!! Or call or email us to do a special order and we can ship to you! 

Check out our Instagram where we post cute NEW things everyday!




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