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COVID_19 Update! Online is Open! New Sanrio Happy Cats!

COVID-19 Update! 

We are happy to say all of the JapanLA staff is healthy and most of us are at home.

The Online Store is OPEN!!!

We are running the online store with a limited staff. 1 staff member is packing your orders, and 1 is putting items online, answering emails and phone calls. We are keeping away from each other with social distancing, and working in separate rooms in the store to be safe. We are obsessively washing our hands and sanitizing while packing your orders. 

I know retail is considered a non-essential business, but for us, it is an essential business.  So, if you are hesitant to buy something because you feel like a plushie at this time is not essential, just know it is essential for us to keep our business going. We are a small business and need to pay our staff's sick pay during this time, our payroll, rent, and bills for the merchandise in our store that is due. 

I know this is effecting the entire world and not just us, and we appreciate all of you who are ordering with us. We also understand that some of you may not be able to order right now, and we totally understand. You need to take care of yourself and your family first. But for those of you who are able to buy online or do pick up orders with us, please do and know it is helping us out immensely. 

We will be open for Pick Up orders Mon-Friday 10am-6pm. We have a strict protocol for pick up orders for everyone's safety. (We are not doing curbside pickup anymore...nothing happened, we just don't want our staff going up to cars or leaving the store for safety)

How to do a Pick Up Order

1 - Order Online at

2 - In the coupon code enter "pickup"

3 - Call us when you are on your way to tell us you are coming, and when you arrive. Pick up time Mon-Fri 10am-6pm.

4 - Come to the door and show us your ID through the window, so we can confirm we are giving the order to the correct person. 

5 - Once we confirm, we'll give you a thumbs up, and have you stand at least 6 feet away from the door, further away is better, to keep social distancing.

6 - We will put your order outside of the door.

7 - You can grab your order once we close the door and we are safely inside. 

We also added Postmates to our online store at checkout. You can get same day delivery in about 2 hours. It is available 10am-4pm Monday - Friday. If Postmates is available in your area, it will show up as an option at Checkout. It will not show up as an option if you live outside of the delivery area or you are ordering outside of those hours. 

We are working on putting lots of cute new things on our online store so you can shop from home!

We also have a lot of items that we ordered before all of this, that are still being delivered to us, like this New Sanrio Happy Cat Collection! 

All of our favorite Sanrio friends look so cute dressed up in their cat outfits.

Happy Cat Standing Plush, $25.50 each.

Happy Cat Resting Plush, $24.50 each.

Happy Cat Multi Pouch, $19 each.

Happy Cat Mascot Plush Charm, $18.50 each.

Happy Cat Coin Purse, $10.50 each.

Happy Cat Die Cut Pouch, $12.50 each

Both our Melrose and Little Tokyo locations are closed until further notice for  COVID-19. You cannot shop in the store, but you can shop our online store! 

Check out our Instagram @japanla and @japanlalittletokyo to see the new items we're putting online. We will be doing lots of Live Videos so we can answer your questions.

Follow us on Tiktok @japanlafun to see lots of cute and fun videos at the store! 

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this time. We miss you and hope to see you again soon!

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