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New! Miss Kika Top! Alpaca Backpacks! tokidoki! Pokemon! Irregular Choice!

August 25, 2016

New! Miss Kika Moonlight Legend Shirt on a new Crystal Sugar Color way! This artwork appeared in a Sailor Moon Tribute Art Show and sold out in the first pink color way. We have remade it on a super soft, unisex top, that looks great on guys & girls, $50.

NEW Alpacasso BackpacksStore your things inside the zipper pouch, behind the neck. Enough room to fit small items like your keys, wallet, and phone. Super soft and fluffy, available in White or Rainbow, $33 each. Imported from Japan.

These super big Yoshi Plush will look super cute sitting on your bed or couch. They measure 15" tall! Available in Pink or Green, $35 each.

Have a fun Poke Party with your friends while wearing these super cute Charmander & Pikachu Onesies! Comes in Medium, Large & X-Large, only $39.99 each! Only limited quantities available. 

We just got in some NEW Pokemon figures from Japan! These Moncolle Pokemon XY Figures Small look super cute on your desk and make great gifts for your friends who love Pokemon too, $5 each.

We also have these Moncolle Bigger Pokemon Figures, $8.99 each.

NEW tokidoki has arrived at JapanLA! Check it out in store or on our online shop!

Decorate all of your back to school notebooks, binders or even your laptop with these NEW tokidoki Puffy Stickers, $5 each.

Glitter Stickers, $5 each.

Keep your drink hot or cold in a tokidoki Tumbler! Available in Unicorno or Donutella, $14.99 each.

Take notes with all of your favorite tokidoki characters! Available in SandyUnicornoStrawberry Milk, $10 each.

This tokidoki Reusable Tote is great for when you are on the go! Unfold it when you need to carry your things and fold it up into a small pouch for when you don't need it, $20.

NEW! Alice in Wonderland x Irregular Choice Shoes are launching Friday, August 26th! These will be available in-store & online at JapanLA this day! This is the 2nd series of the Alice collection. We only have a limited amount of these, so order on Friday to make sure you can get your size. We will not be getting anymore of these. Irregular Choice is an amazing brand from the UK! This is an official Disney collaboration for Alice in Wonderland! 

Don't forget to check out our Instagram where we post cute new things everyday! And visit us in the store or shop online! 

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