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Alpacasso are Back! New Yuri on Ice x Sanrio! Konatsu Pins & Patches!

January 22, 2018

These Sanrio x Yuri on Ice Plush are so cute and will be a great gift for any Yuri on Ice fan, $16 each. These are an official Sanrio & Yuri on Ice collaboration, imported from Japan. 

These Rilakkuma & Korilakuma Crossbody Bags are the perfect size for carrying all of your essentials, has an adjustable strap so you can make it longer, $26 each.

The back of each bag has a clear pouch that you can put your phone in, and you can use your phone through the clear pouch!! You can display your cute items inside too!

New Iron-On Patches from Japanese artist, Konatsu have arrived! Negora is part kitty cat and part monster. Iron these patches onto a jacket or bag. Negora & Koi Patch $10, Negora Kumade Patch $13, Negora Taiyaki Patch $10.

We also got in these special Negora Enamel Pins! Negora Red & Black Taiyaki, Negora Black & Gold Taiyaki, Negora White Taiyaki, $10 each.

Hang an Alpacasso Plush Keychain off of your bag as a cute accessory! Available in Pink, White, Yellow, & Rainbow, comes with ballchain attached, $10 each.

Start your own colorful Alpaca farm with all of these cute plush! Alpacasso Rainbow Big Plush $33, Alpacasso Small Rainbow Plush $16 each.

These Alpacasso Plush Backpacks are a fun addition to any outfit! Available in Rainbow & White, $33 each. Zipper located on the back.

Lots of new items arriving all the time!! Check out our Instagram where we post cute new things everyday! 

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