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New Squishy Baked Goods! Pins & Patches!

May 23, 2017

We just got in more cute Squishies! Super fun to squish and play with.

These Muffin Squishies look so realistic! Each one has a magnet inside so you can attach them to your fridge or locker, $10 each.

These Assorted Bakery Squishies look good enough to eat, and are so fun to squish! They are bread scented too, $10 each.

This Red Apple Squishy will look super cute attached to your bag or keys, $6.

This Jumbo Loaf of Bread Squishy is so big and fun to squish, $18. (Also, bread scented).

Attach a cute Hello Kitty Fruit Head Squishy to your phone or bag as a cute accessory, $8 each. These are scented too! 

These Baby Chick Squishies are so stretchy and cute, only $2.75 each! These come in a clear plastic box for gifting. 

We restocked the Strawberry Sticker Patch $12, and Los Angeles Iron-On Patch $10, from Tuesday Bassen. 

Aggressive Enamel Pin, $10 and Peace Out Enamel Pin Set, $12 now in stock too! 

Check out our Instagram where we post cute NEW things everyday!

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