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New Rilakkuma from Japan is Online Now! Stationery! Stickers! Plush!

June 27, 2018

For those of you who live too far away to visit the new JapanLA Rilakkuma Pop Up Shop, we have just put some of the items on our online store!! Limited quantities available.

The Rilakkuma Strawberry Plush Collection is so sweet. We love the cute little strawberry print details on each of the plush. Available in Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori, $26 each.

The Rilakkuma Japan Version Plush are here! This is the original Rilakkuma Plush shipped to us from Japan! It is super soft and huggable! Korilakkuma Large Japan Plush & Rilakkuma Large Japan Plush, $60 each. Medium Size Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Available too, $30 each.

We love the cute art on the Rilakkuma Hamburger Collection! Great for taking your lunch and snacks on the go! Rilakkuma Hamburger 2-Tier Latch Bento Box $20, Rilakkuma Hamburger Utensil Set $16, Rilakkuma Hamburger 3-Piece Bento Set $14.

Write the cutest letters to your friends with these Rilakkuma Letter Sets! Rilakkuma Bakery Diecut Letterset & Rilakkuma Face Letterset, $6 each set.

These puffy stickers are super fun to squish. Available in Rilakkuma Furniture, Rilakkuma Clothing, and Rilakkuma Poses, $4 each sheet.

Use these Rilakkuma Clear Seal stickers to decorate your notebook, phone, and more! Available in Honey Clear Seal, Pink Clear Seal, and Blue Clear Seal, $4 each sheet.

We have lots more Rilakkuma Stickers to shop! Great for decorating letters, your calendar and more, $3 each sheet!

Dress Rilakkuma up in a cute outfit and attach to your bag or keys! Set comes with a mini t-shirt, overalls and fuzzy pink hood, all in a cute gift box, Rilakkuma Keychain Set $30.

For those of you who were asking on our Instagram: We added more Black and White Rilakkuma plush, Tokaga Blue Dino Mochi Plush, Canvas Art Prints, and the Shappo Sentimental Circus Plush to our online shop!

And the Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi Cat Caps are online now too, $8 each.


We will be adding more items to our online shop this week! Check our New Arrivals and San-X Section for more! 

Follow our Instagram to see new things as we get them in! Follow the new JapanLA Rilakkuma Pop Up Instagram to see what's new there too! 

Don't forget to check out our SALE section for new items added! 

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