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Meet Samezu, a Kawaii Shark! Kigurumi & San-X Restock!

Meet Samezu, a group of cute sharks from Japanese artist Moha Arimura.

There is Jaggy, a great white shark who loves to eat seals. Tiger, a tiger shark who will eat anything. Jinbe, a large whale shark who likes to eat plankton. Yummy, a seal who is Jaggy's friend (and food). There are more shark friends too!

These Small Samezu Plush all measures about 6.5" tall. You can display them on your desk or shelf and hide small treasures in their mouth! Available in Jaggy, Jinbe, and Tiger, $12 each.

These Samezu Mochi Plush are so soft and fun to cuddle and squish! Available in Jaggy, Yummy, and Tiger, $28 each.

Megalo is a Megalodon shark and the ruler of the ancient sea, it's kind of a big deal! This Megalo Jumbo Plush is so big and huggable, $30. 

We've restocked a bunch of our best selling Kigurumi! Check out all of the styles we have online, $60 - $75 each.

And don't forget, we just restocked a bunch of our most popular San-X Plushies!  

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