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Meet Hamipa, The Easy Going Panda! NEW Mamegoma from Japan!

Meet Hamipa, a New Panda character by San-X! Hamipa looks like he is wearing loose pants but it is actually his pattern. He was taking things a little too easy and his dark patches sloppily slid down, so that they looked like loose pants. The lazier he is, the looser his "pants" look! You can keep up to date with Hamipa on his twitter account (it is all in Japanese but you can look at the images and use google translate).

These new Hamipa Mochi Plush are so soft and great for cuddling! They are filled with mochi-like material, making them extra squishy and stretchy. Large Laying Down Plush $52, Medium Plush $36, Small Plush $22.

These Mini Hamipa Mochi Plush are so small and cute! Collect all 5 mini plush of Hamipa and his owl friend Pichihiko, $10 each.

Write the cutest notes in these Hamipa Memo Pads! Each pad comes with a sticker sheet and 4 different paper designs inside, $5 each.

Decorate your things with these cute Hamipa Clear Sticker Sheets. Available in Yellow and Green, $4 each.

Write cute letters to your friends with this Hamipa Letter Set, $7.

These Hamipa 2B Pencils come in 4 different cute styles, $1.50 each.

We also got in a bunch of cute new Mamegoma items! These Mamegoma Mochi Plush and so soft and squishy like mochi. Large Plush $45, Medium Plush $25.


Mamegoma Mini Cafe Plush are so cute! Collect al 6 different styles, $10 each.

Order Up! This Mamegoma is wearing a cute visor and apron and is ready for its shift at the Mamegoma Cafe, $20.

We love all of the yummy cafe art on these new Mamegoma Cafe Sticker Sheets! Available in Pink and Blue, $4 each.

Write down little reminders and notes in these cute Mamegoma Cafe Memo Pads! Memopad Booklets $5 each, Mini Memo Pads $2.50 each.

Invite your friends to a lunch date with this cute Mamegoma Cafe Letter Set! Comes with 24 letter paper sheets and 12 envelopes in 4 different styles, $7.

New Sumikko Gurashi and Rilakkuma items will be online soon! Keep checking our New Arrivals section. We also just got in a bunch of cute new Sanrio items! Watch our Instagram LIVE video this Thursday at 12 pm PST to see all of the cute new things. Find us on Instagram @japanla and @japanlalittletokyo

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