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Magicalpacas by Crowded Teeth! Kawaii Animal Blind Boxes!

September 02, 2016

The "Magicalpacas" appear on the newest JapanLA x Crowded Teeth clothing collaboration! This kawaii print shows off the ultra cute alpacas, flying pandas, unicorn cats, and flying mer-kittens in Crowded Teeth's special art style! Available in store & online! Made in limited quantities, in the USA.

Crowded Teeth Magicalpaca Tunic Shirt Dress, $75


Crowded Teeth Magicalpaca Kimono, $75

Crowded Teeth Magicalpaca Cropped Tank Top, $40.

Fuchico is back! These Fuchico On the Cup Series 5 Blind Boxes have even more hilarious poses to collect, $5 each.


These Hedgehog Blind Box figures also hang out on the edge of your cup! There are 8 different hedgehogs to collect, $6.99 each.

We love pugs! Place these tiny Pug Blind Box figures on the edge of your cup as a cute decoration. There are 8  different styles you can get, $6.99 each.

Store your coins and small treasures in a super cute Pochi Rabbit Friend! Great for holding things like lipstick, gum, USBs and more, $13.99 each

Store your pens, pencils and small treasures in these cute Tsuchineko Festival Cat Plush Pouches, $14.99 each. Imported from Japan.

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