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New Magical Miss Kika Pins, Jewelry, & Prints!

April 20, 2017

New magical Miss Kika items have arrived!  Come by the store to see in person or shop our Miss Kika Section online!

Add some kawaii magic to your outfit with a cute Miss Kika Magical Necklace! Available in Pink & Purple, $30 each.

Inspired by the over-sized dress up rings you would wear as a child, this Miss Kika Princess Ring will add some major sparkle to your ootd, $15.

Add a little touch of cute flair to your bag, hat, or jacket with these Miss Kika Enamel Pins, $12 - $18, each.

 Lots of cute enamel pins to shop!

These 3" Round Button Pins are nice and big so you can really enjoy the art! It's almost like you are carrying around a special mini Miss Kika art piece, $7 each.

This Perisan Parfait Pin features one of our favorite Miss Kika art pieces on a lovely heart shaped button pin, $8.

Add some sparkle to your walls with this magical Miss Kika Shortcakey Sparkle Poster Print, $20

Follow both @misskika & @japanla on Instagram for more magical sparkle cuteness every day! 

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