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Happy Halloween! Fun Stuff: Masks, tokidoki Bags, And More!

Happy Halloween! JapanLA + Munky King + Capsole are having a Halloween Party Wed, Oct. 31st. It is going to be fun! Check out the flyer below for details. It is at a bar so its 21+.


JapanLA is also having a party on Nov 2nd, at Cinespace with Rock Band...that new game from the makers of Guitar Hero. It's like Guitar Hero, but you have a guitar, bass, drums, and a microphone to sing. It is going to be really fun! I will post more details tomorrow! but you will be able to play the game before it comes out! and we will have prizes and one of the prizes will be a real guitar!

We just got the new tokidoki Vacanze bags in. We have these styles in: Ciao, Gioco, Buon Biaggio, Zucca, Aventura, Stellina, Dolce, Bambino, Bambinone, Campeggio, Denaro, Canguro, and Cucciolo. We also have these styles available in black with the Citta print on the inside. The Vacanze is the last print being released from tokidoki. So, make sure you get one before they run out. They are very cute. Here is Jalissa with the Buon Viaggio bag...and yes, we will do phone orders on these...So, just call us if you want one.

Steph is back from her trip to Oregon...we missed her...Here is the new Cheetah knit masks. This could be your instant Halloween costume! The knit masks are only $19.

Here is Steph and Kei in the skull mask and the cat mask.

We also have these ninja turtle half masks....awesome! they are $15 each.

Panda Masks are back in by popular demand! Be a Panda Gang for Halloween!

Gorilla mask...ha ha ha!!! and yes, we still have those bananas too!

And the batman half mask...

We have these crazy "dick in a box" things...they are also a good instant halloween costume, or just a fun present to give to someone. They're $12.

"Kwanzaa...dick in a box..."

We finally got Pocky and Hi-Chew candy back in...Kei is happy...

Freddy vs. Jason Stuff from Japan! These are so cute and creepy...They are $24.95....perfect for Halloween ridiculousness. We also have Jason and Freddy phone charms too!

We just got SO MUCH New Sanrio stuff in stock...really cute plush and other random cute stuff from: Hello Kitty, Kuromi, Badtz Maru, Chococat, My Melody and more! Come check it out! We just got in new Harajuku Lovers stuff...a new lion tshirt and a turntable tshirt...and a red striped sweater...really camera battery ran out, so i couldn't take anymore pictures, and I wanted to get the blog, you have to come in and see them. We also got in more Gloomy Bear Men's and Women's t-shirts. We had run out of them. They are back in stock! And...the shirts with the dinosaur that says, "Make Me a Sandwich," are back in, and a new one from the same guys who make that one... That's all! Come visit us this weekend! and come to our party on WED, OCT. 31st at Bordello, in Downtown Los Angeles, for fun and prizes. A lot of well-known artists that you love will be at the party, so you can take fun pictures with them...and we will be there! xoxo, Jamie

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