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New Characters At JapanLA!

October 11, 2007

Hi! We have new characters at JapanLA! Here is a pic of Kuromi and Luke Chueh. Come take pictures with Kuromi at JapanLA!!!

We got in a bunch of Kuromi purses, wallets, makeup bags, and nano ipod cases too!

We have new Sanrio Plush, here are some of them. The big ones are $88. They are so cute...and this is me in the picture for once.

JapanLA has a new sales girl, her name is Jalissa. Leave comments and say hello. Stephanie is still here, she's just on vacation in Oregon. Here is a picture of Jalissa with the new Gary Baseman Bags we just got in, made by Harvey. They are made out of seatbelts...awesome. They're $244...and we are marking down the latte shirt, it is 25% off, so it was $44, NOW it's $33.

Here are all 3 of the Gary Baseman Bags...They are awesome! $244 each. They have a huge graphic inside the bag and come with the charm keychain on it.   

We got new Gloomy Bear 16 inch plastic, posable figures in! We have pink w/extra blood and black w/blood. We sold out of these so fast last time we had them. So don't miss out on these. They are only $35 each. We are preselling the Gloomy hat that Kei is wearing too. Go to the presell section to reserve yours. They won't be here until Feb though.

Here is Freddie and Carissa making scary faces for us. Gloomy is scary...

We got more Nintendo Sound Blocks in! They make noise when you hit them. The yellow blocks make the noise like when you are getting coins on Super Mario...and the turtle shells make noise, and the red and black bombs are from the Bomberman game and make explosion noises. They're $25.

That is all for now. There's other new stuff, but I can't remember right now, so come in and take a look. xoxo, jamie

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