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Halloween Contest Winners And More tokidoki... Plus Badtz Maru Too!

November 09, 2007

Here are the contest winners from the JapanLA x Munky King x Capsole Halloween Party!!! The first place winner is Brenda. Everyone loved her...We loved Kei's costume too, but he works at JapanLA so he is disqualified...

I was obsessed with our best couple winners...I love them...

They even let me wear the teeth...I was so happy...

Zury and Peekaboo had an awesome couple costume too...but they can't win cuz' Zury works at Munky King...(they're jesus and mary, if you couldn't tell...)

I love pop tart guy...we gave him scariest costume...look how scary he is....

Luke Chueh had a great costume too...He was Thomas Han...he even had "hustle for happy" written on his chest...just like Thomas...go to, if you don't know who he is....and go to and click "Thomas Han." They are awesome.

TOKIDOKI STUFF!!!! We got the new t-shirts in and they are soooo cute....Don't wait to get these because they will never be on sale and we are running out of sizes fast. They're $32 each.



Here's the ipod devil girl t-shirt...We also got in the iphone skins, ($14.95), from artists like: Amy Sol, Nathan Ota, Bob Dob, and others...We also got the laptop skins too, ($29.95),from artists: Audrey Kawasaki, Kathy Olivas and more! Call us if you want those, we didn't put them online yet...the iphone skins are online thought...

We have all the tokidoki decks in stock, except the cactus girl one, but we have all 3 of the new ones...the L.A. deck, Pirata, and Kaiten Sushi decks...They're $77.99 online and $75.99 in store, (just because they cost a lot to ship.)

NEW TOKIDOKI STICKERS AND WALL DECALS!!! We just got in a bunch of new tokidoki stickers: Mozzarella, Latte, LA Gun, Bastardino, Adios, Ciao Ciao, and the new skull logo. They cost $2.50 for the medium-sized ones and $3.00 for the bigger ones...They're on the online store under stickers. Oh, and we got wall decals of the tokdioki heart and crossbone get 144 of them, various sizes and colors for $45. We are also selling them individually in the store for $1 or $2, depending on size. You can stick these on your car, walls, wherever... We just got these new shirts in from "Mum's the Werd." They are so cute...They come in black with hot pink and blue...Here is Jalissa wearing the pink one and the back of the blue one...They're $24...nice robot dancing...

We have sooo much Sanrio in for Christmas....Really cute Kero Keroppi bags, slippers, wallets, plush, etc...And awesome Badtz Maru this cute, super long Badtz Maru scarf, ($24), and hat ($14).

We have awesome Sanrio blankets and pillows...Here's Kei taking a nap...(this blanket is $68...It's big 78" x 55").

come check out the new stuff...oh and we have Hello Kitty Beach Cruiser Bikes...Kei still has to assemble them and then we will take pictures of them... xoxo, jamie

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