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Happy New Year Fun Plush!

December 30, 2008

New Year's Is almost Here! We just got more Pocket Staches in, ($7 each), just in time for funny pictures on New Year's Eve!



You can put them over your face and have a fake mustache like this guy...His name is Colin...(I found him on google images, so if anyone knows Colin, tell him if he hates being on our blog, we will take the picture off.)



Or if you are really awesome, you can grow your own mustache like this guy.



New Mini Toofhairy Clip-Ons are in...and only $6 each. This is a really big close-up of one, but they are 3" tall.



You can clip them on anything, like on your belt, like this...



And we just got more pocket ninja ($10 each).



and more Little Miss Egg Tarts in, (these sold out really fast, $15 each, choose happy or sleepy.)



Have a Happy New Year! And take a cab it's cheaper than a DUI.



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