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Wall Decals, Bunny Jewelry, Babies And More!

March 20, 2009

I have lots of new things to show you at JapanLA!


We have new wall decals in from Bored Inc. These are very cute sushi friends you can put on your wall, $28 per sheet.


These are the Yummies...cute sweet decals, $22 per sheet.


Limited Edition Octo-Sweets Print, $25.


You guys have been asking me about this bunny necklace I wear all the time. So, Steven Shein, made some for our store. They are made from laser-cut birch wood and gold mirror accents. The rabbit is big, 3 inches, and comes on a long, 31", adjustable, gold-filled chain, $49.95 each.


I also picked up some of these plexi bunny heads on a sterling silver long 31" chain too, $49.95 each.


This is the cutest wooden bear ring. It is 1 3/4 inches big, and the wood ring makes it fit most fingers, $24.95.


Steven also made us a special bunny ring, $24.95.


Fairy Drops Mascara...OMG! The best mascara. Up until now, you could only get it in Japan. I am the first store in the U.S. to sell it. It has a special brush so it doesn't clump and helps curl your lashes, and it has special conditioners so it strengthens your lashes...and when you take it off, it doesn't smear Someone gave it to me at a tradeshow and I am obsessed with it now. This is very popular in Japan. They sell 300,000 bottles per month. It comes in black, $28 each.


These are Sonny Angels. They are 3 inch babies with different animal hats on. There are 2 versions, and they come blind boxed. These are so cute, and they have small angel wings on their back. These come blind boxed, $8 each, Imported from Japan.

Kewpie Phone Charms $3 each, in store only. Kewpie dressed as Rody and Kewpie head in different fruits.


Dessert Erasers from Japan, $3 per pack, in store only.

Hello Kitty Mysery Phonecharms are back too. Only $3 each.

Come in this weekend for other new stuff, I don't have time to put up right now.

See you soon.



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