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tokidoki Mimiteca Bags! Coloring Books & Play Books!

August 08, 2009

The new tokidoki Mimiteca bags just came in...cute tan camo print, with Adios stars and other characters scattered around. This is the small messenger bag, called Incontro, $128.


The new wallets are called, Compango, and are for men and women, $58. is the inside...



These all come with 2 charms attached, Adios and Ciao Ciao. The characters measure about 1.5."



Here is the new make-up bag, $48.



And, there is a mirror inside...



This is a hobo-style bag called Nobile, only $88 $108.00. Price adjusted. Turns out we had misprinted tags on our bags. So sorry!



The inside of the bag has a very cute tokidoki pattern inside. This is the inside of the Nobile bag, it has 2 pockets inside.



The Small Crossbody Bag has a long 50" adjustable strap, only $68.



And...they made a Baby Bag again, called Tesoro, $240. It comes with a changing pad too. This bag can also be used as an overnight bag too.



This is Poco Poco, the camera/phone case, $58.



We also got in these 3 awesome Coffee Table Books, called Playtimes Toys and Design. It's a compilation of the magazine, "Play," printed nicely in giant books. They are over 500 pages each, and weigh over 5 pounds each.



Choose Volume 1, 2, or 3, $34.95 in the store, or $39.99 if you order online (sorry it's because it is so heavy, so it's to help with shipping costs.)

These books include some of my favorites like Tado...






And even covered the Hello Kitty "Hide and Seek" event in Singapore in 2006. (All of these pages are in Volume 3, the one with the tokidoki cover...there are tons of other great pictures and stories too.



We also have cute Coloring Books in right now! Gangsta Rap Coloring Book, $8.95(color your favorite rappers, including Tupac), Kozyndan's Lactaid Dream $9.95, and Color Ink Book with cute artists designs you can color, $10 each.



All of these items can be found on our online shop ONLINE SHOP HERE!

Or come in to JapanLA and say Hi!

XO, Jamie

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