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Happy Thanksgiving! N_N

November 27, 2009

I hope everyone had a very spectacular Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and lots of love! *in the form of yummy cooking* n_~ So many awesome things have happened to me this year that I had tons of things to be grateful for! One of the oh-so-many things I am grateful for is the new kawaii-ness at JapanLA! @_@

I am 100% positively sure that Simone can never do anything wrong… And his designs always prove that! Some of the new tokidoki hoodies are just too kawaii for words, but I will still try to describe… n_~

Women's Baked Fresh hoodie is $66.00 and features Adios and Ciao Ciao baking some fresh homemade cookies! This hoodie is delicious, no!? ;P



This soft fleece zip front women's All Star hoodie is $66.00 -- and the best part about it (in my opinion) is the back print! @_@ For some reason, it reminds me of "The Last Supper" but a waaaay more cute version, of course! n_n



Everything about this red women's Unicorno Diamante hoodie is über kawaii -- from the contrast stitching to the silver tokidoki logo embroidery on the sleeve to the print on the inside of the hood! Oh! Too much cuteness!!! This is available for $66.00 as well.



Women's Momobella short sleeve v-neck tee is $33.00… Love the asymmetrical design, the detail on the back and tag is even cute...



tokidoki also has some cuteness for the bambinos (little kids in Italian). n_n Here are a couple of boxed infant sets available at $54.00 each.



tokidoki also has some stylish bibs for the youngsters! Check out the Bambino Boys Super Morello 2 pack of bibs and Bambino Girl Milk 2 pack of bibs. Each 2 pack is $29.00.



Four new designs of the tokidoki pillow cases have arrived too: Camo, Sandy & Bastardino, Milk & Latte, and Mozzarella & Bulletto. Each pack is $29.95 and I believe there are 10 designs in total!



My *faves* are the tokidoki for Hello Kitty t-shirts!!! I first laid eyes on all three designs during Hello Kitty's Three Apples event over at Royal T. I already own the pink Donutella x Kitty one and I am in *L-O-V-E* <3 <3 <3 Three reasons: pink, kawiii, glitter, puffed sleeves, Hello Kitty (duh!), Donutella… Hmmm, I guess that was more than enough reasons! Each shirt is $38.00 and mine came with two cute tokidoki hair clips…



Kawaii Hello Kitty plushes straight from Japan! I have NEVER seen these anywhere else so it's safe to say that these are *exclusives.* They were released in 2009 and you can pick up one of these cuties (or all three) for $18.00 each.




Oh boy! There are so many new Loungefly items out right now -- and I am pretty sure we carry all of them! Here is simply a portion of what is available. n_n Coin purse and wallets ranging from $18.00 - $29.95. I truly adore all the details Loungefly puts into their products -- great choices in designs, patterns, textures, embroidery, appliques… And just overall quality!



Hello Kitty x Loungefly bubble bow tote bag is an awesome canvas bag with hot pink metallic applique and embroidery detail. I am still gushing over the tiny details -- like the inside pattern showing Kitty-chan's different facial expressions and the plastic tag! This tote can be yours for $52.00…



Cute Loungefly t-shirts for $24.00 each! Hug Me Bear, I Love Ice Cream and I Love Burger and Fries. n_n



The Hug Me Bear design also comes in the form of socks and it is $10.00...



Dark blue Crowded Teeth and yellow Gnomes with Butterfly t-shirts are available for $24.00… Kawaii, eh!? n_~



Hamburger coin bag measures about 5"x 4.5" and French Fries coin bag measures about 4" x 6" -- both are from Loungefly and are available for $16.95… Either of these coin purses go well with the I Love Burger and Fries shirt… But you must have figured that out before I even stated it right now. n_~



Just a small preview of some new things in-store! Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping this weekend!

Meow! Maria

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