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Back With Stuff From Japan! Rilakkuma Costumes!

I'm back from Japan! And I brought some cute stuff back with me. Check out this cute Hello Kitty stuff!



I found Little Twin Stars!!!


We also have Rement Little Twin Stars & Japanese Mickey Mouse Rement, (mini food).



Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori Plush Hats, $19.95 each.

Here is Fabian Modeling the Rilakkuma One.


Lindsay as Korilakkuma


Jacen as Kiiroitori, the Yellow Chick. (If you stop by JapanLA, you may end up modeling for my blog, like this guy.)


 And, I brought back more Kigurumi's, adult onesie costumes. Here is a pic of Kei wearing it, $69.95 each. We also have Korilakkuma, I will post a pic of the other one soon, but the Rilakkuma one, is on our online shop right now. (Ignore the stuff in the background, this is an old pic from when we had these last year.)


The Toasted Marshalls are in! Hand toasted (painted) so each one is different! Some are toastier than others!


We just got in a bunch of Hello Kitty pajama sets, robes, shorts, sleep sets and more! Here are just a couple of them. We have more in the shop, I will post later. Here is the Hello Kitty Nerds tank and pajama pants.


 Nerdy Sleep Outfit, shirt and shorts!


 Is that Dear Daniel? Yes, Hello Kitty and Friends sleep shirt. These come with short pants, (not shown), perfect for working out or sleeping.


 One more thing! The "Grill Em' All" Truck will be parked in front of JapanLA tomorrow, Saturday, July 24th, 12pm-3pm! Come by for Heavy Metal & Burgers!

See you Soon.
XO, Jamie

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