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JapanLA Is Moving... So Let's Have A Sale!

January 28, 2011
So, now for the new Sanrio x Neivz special collaboration jewelry! These are the super cute wooden rings and necklaces you saw at the Sanrio 50th Anniversary Exhibition. We finally have them in! (Sorry, these are not included in the sale this weekend.)
Hello Kitty's Bow Ring, Sizes S-M-L, $40 Each.
Little Twin Stars Double Ring, $60.
Hello Kitty Stacked Ring, pink on one side, white on the other, $30. (Also available in My Melody, Kerropi, and Badtz Maru.)
Hello Kitty Necklace, with Sterling Silver Chain, $70. (Also available in My Melody, Hangyodon, Badtz Maru, Tuxedo Sam.)
Little Twin Stars Mirrored Earrings, $40
Hello Kitty Mirrored Earrings, $40
New Gloomy Bears are here too! , Large 16" Plush in pink or white, $35.95.
New Gloomy Arm Over-the-Shoulder Bags, $32 each. So cute! This is how you wear them.
Pink, White, or Black!
Say Goodbye to the old JapanLA this weekend! It will be sad, but the new shop is bigger and better. You will love it!
XO, Jamie

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