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Locketship Jewelry!

The Locketship has landed! Designer Maria Ewing has just brought in her amazing jewelry and just look at her presentation! These Japan LA exclusive designs feature Japan LA owner Jamie's cat Chibi and other adorable kittens as part of our "Kittens and Ice Cream" show this Saturday night.
Prices on rings range from $25-$80. Bracelets are $45 and necklaces range from $65-$110
Locketship is handmade locally by Maria and her husband and will be available in our online store after the "Kittens and Ice Cream" opening night. Come try them on!
Maria of Locketship will also have a piece in the "Kittens and Ice Cream Show"
And speaking is another sneak peak at more of the artwork! Buffmonster "Cat Monster"
Leesasaur "Chill Pops!"
Patrice Roldan "Cat Walk"
and just as a reminder, part of the proceeds from the art sales will go to "Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support." These are the folks who have been going into dangerous areas of Japan, due to the high radiation caused by the tsunami and ...earthquakes, sometimes sneaking in, to rescue pets that were left behind. They are providing them with food, shelter, and love until their owners can come back for them!
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