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Gloomy Bear And Tokidoki Time!

July 08, 2011
We're feeling Gloomy! New stationary and other office goodies of Mori Chack's viciously adorable bear has arrived! Gloomy mousepad $4.99
Gloomy Greeting Cards
 will put a smile on anyone's face! We have four different designs. Comes with envelope for $2.99!
Gloomy Folders
 $3.99 and Stationary Tins
 $4.99 are will keep your workspace raging!
Don't forget about the note pads
 $4.99 and mousepads! $4.99!
And just in time for Comic Con, All tokidoki Clothing
 including tokidoki x Marvel, is on Sale! 25% off! Prices range from $21.00 to $49.95
New Tokidoki Journals and Notepads! Cute Tokidoki characters on each page! tokidoki notebooks $6.99 & note pads $4.99
 for all your pleasant thoughts!
Back in stock! Super fluffy and cute Baby Yeti!
 $36.00 Hard to resist hugging this guy!
Also wanted to let everyone know that we finally have the Hello Kitty Embossed City Bags back in! Get them while you can! $68.00
Happy Hoodie Friends are here! We have seven different monsters and animals, all with different personalities. A few of them are even reversible! $48.00-$58.00
Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the summertime! Stop by the shop and see what's new!

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