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Out With The Old And In With The Very Soft And New 2012!

January 08, 2012
Happy New Year, friends!! And welcome to 2012! To begin, we're kicking out some hidden treasures from the personal closets of our very own, Jamie, of JapanLA, and Stephiee, of DollyBeast, and selling them to you! That's right -- it's SUPER CUTE DETOX SALE time! We will have new and slightly used clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, toys and more, all cute, character stuff and stuff we bought on our Japan trips. Join us on Saturday, January 14th, for an 11am-8pm event! The Grilled Cheese truck will even be here from 12-2pm to satisfy your eating needs. Please bring cash for the yard sale items only! JapanLA will be open for business as usual, and credit cards will be accepted for normal store items. We will have newly marked Sale items in the store too. Help us make room for new goodies for 2012!
We're stocked with some new and cuddly merchandise to bring in the new year! Check out our collection of hoodies from New  Breed Girl! $59.99-$66.99
A new year for new beginnings! For weddings and anniversaries, these collectable Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel dolls make an adorable commemorative gift! They are in-store only and come in two sizes for $49.95 and $99.50!  
Check out new formal Hello Kitty in her springtime kimono! She is so elegantly cute in various plush forms, and even a coin bank! Prices range from $9.95-$32! Stop by or call in!
Hello Kitty wants to be very much yours with her cuddly pink bear costume! Perfect for loved ones and Valentines' Day! We have her in tiny form holding heart messages for $11, medium size for $16, and large for $75! They are in-store only so be sure to come visit or call us before they run out!

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