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Hello Kitty Bento Collection

March 26, 2013
It's Hello Kitty dressed as traditional Japanese lunch foods! Small Plush, approx. 5.5" high. $8.50 each Choose from (left to right) dango, tomato, egg, drumstick, or tako (octopus).
Large Onigiri plush, approx. 9" x 9.5" x 5", $29.50 and Small Onigiri Plush approx. 5.5", $8.50
Necklace $15, Two-Finger Ring $12, and Cell Phone "Pluggies" $6.50 each
Zippered Coin Bags $9.95 each
iPad Sleeve (fits all generation iPads) $19.50, Pen (Black) or Mechanical Pencil (White) $6.50 each
Bento Lunch Box Set includes removable top tray, fork and spoon. $9.95 Tumbler $18
All bags feature water resistant fabric and pink details. Large Tote with two-handles measures approx. 14"W x 12"D x 5"D, $55. Backpack with adjustable straps measures approx. 15"H x 12"W x 4"D, $50. Insulated lunch tote with zippered top measures approx. 7"H x 9.5"W x 5"W, $29.50.
Hello Kitty Bento Collection is available in store and via phone or email order. (323)934-5201

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