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Chef Gudetama, NEW Sanrio, Pokemon Boutique Ends 3/27!

March 23, 2016

Spring is here, and Gudetama, your favorite lazy egg has arrived just in time to help you out in the kitchen to prepare your cute picnics! All of these Gudetama items are available in store or you can call/email us to order them.

Place this Chef Gudetama Plush on your counter and have him sit and keep you company while you cook! Measures 8 inches tall, $22.

Gudetama will help you clean the dishes with these super cute Gudetama Sponges! Choose between Gudetama Laying Down or Sitting in an Eggshell, $5 each. 

Keep your food fresh with this Gudetama Bento & Egg Case! 4 Piece Bento Set, $15; Gudetama Egg Case, $5.50.

Take your yummy baked goods out of the oven with this Gudetama Oven Mitt, $12.

Keep your kitchen organized with a Gudetama Mini Bucket! Use it to hold different utensils like these Gudetama Tongs & Rice Paddle. Gudetama Rice Paddle, $7; Gudetama Mini Bucket, $5;  Gudetama Kitchen Tongs, $7. 

Keep your table clean and cute with a Gudetama Placemat, $10.

Decorate your fridge with these Chef Gudetama Magnets, $9.

Dr. Grip is at it again with this super cute Gudetama Pen and Pencil Hybrid! This pen is really comfy to write with and comes with 4 different ink colors to choose from and a pencil option with eraser, $13. 


NEW Sanrio Character Pens! Choose between Gudetama, Pom Pom Purin, My Melody or Hello Kitty. Available in store or call/email to order, $6 each.

Eat your lunch with these beautiful Hello Kitty Kimono Chopsticks. Choose between Pink or Red. Available in store or call/email to order, $8 each. 


NEW Hello Kitty Animal Plush! Choose between Hello Kitty Dressed as a Koala, Red Panda, White Tiger, or Pink Hippo. Available in store or call/email to order, $18.50 each.


Our Pokemon Boutique is Ending this Sunday, March 27th! Come stop by the store this weekend and check out our cute Pokemon things before the Boutique ends!

NEW Pokemon Mens Tee's are available in store & online! Choose from Squirtle, Eeveelutions, or Berry Gengar, $24 each.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram where we post more cute new things everyday!

Please note we are CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY, March 27th, 2016. So, come by before then, to stock up on cute stuff to fill up your Easter baskets! 


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