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Gudetama Selfie Sticks, Sumikko Gurashi, & Tarepanda!

August 13, 2015

Happy Thursday Everyone!! 

We just got these adorable Gudetama Selfie Sticks, this week!

Gudetama will wiggle in his eggshell when you shake him and it's so cute. 

Adjustable heads rotate and lock in place so you can find your perfect angle. Heads can fit phone sizes from 2 to 3.5 inches wide. To use Selfie Stick just set the timer on your phone and smile! These are not bluetooth compatible and have no attached button.

Measures 13" tall with Gudetama head attached. Extends up to 3 feet.

Official Sanrio Licensed Selfie Stick, imported from Japan. $25.

We also got a big shipment of San-x stuff this week and we are so excited to show you all of our cute new things!

New Sumikko Gurashi stuff is here at JapanLA!

Sumikko Gurashi characters love to dwell in corners. A lot of the characters are shy and feel comforted by huddling up in the corner. 

These Large Sumikko Gurashi Bean Ball Plushes are so soft and cute! 

They measure 10.5" high, 8.5" wide, 6" thick and are official San-X Licensed items imported from Japan.

Shirokuma Large Bean Ball Plush, $27.99. Shirokuma is a white bear who ran away from the north. He is always cold and is scared of strangers. He calms down when he drinks warm tea in the corner.

Green Penguin Large Bean Ball Plush, $27.99 Penguin has no confidence in himself. He's not even sure if he is a penguin or not. In the past he has been seen wearing plates on his head to resemble a kappa.

Tonkatsu Large Bean Ball Plush, $27.99. Tonkatsu is the last bit of Tonkatsu left on the plate. He is only 1% meat and 99% fat and grease. 

We have so much new Tarepanda stuff at JapanLA!

Tarepanda means “lazy” panda or “droopy” panda in Japanese. Tarepanda is so lazy and slow he only moves about 2.75 meters per hour. Tarepanda loves to eat mochi, especially Suama, a Japanese sweet.

Tarepanda Desk Pillow, $41.99

Tarepanda Plush Keychain, $12.99.

Tarepanda Stand Up Plush, $27.99.

Tarepanda Plush Smart Phone Case, $21.99.

Tarepanda Letter Set, $7.99.

Tarepanda Mochi Stationery Set, $7.99.

Tarepanda Dress Up Stickers, $3.99.

We love when you guys post photos on Instagram of your cute outfits or hauls from JapanLA!
Here are some of our favorite Instagram cuties from this week!

This photo of @pinksugarprince wearing our Peropero Sparkles Boxy Top makes us so happy!

We love the outfit @roxiesweetheart put together with our My Melody Ice Cream Sweetie Bow Back Tank.

@izz-adoraa looks so adorable in our Miss Kika's Sanrio School Tank Top.

@lornakerr1 looks cooler than a slurpee in our The Simpsons x Hello Kitty Kwik-E Mart Top.

@babygirl.erika is making us hungry for donuts in our Simpsons x Hello Kitty Poncho Sweatshirt.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram and tag us so we can see your cute pictures.

Have a great day! 

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