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JapanLA x TADO Tees, New Kigurumi, Tokidoki, New Plush & Socks!

August 05, 2015

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

We have so much cute new stuff for you guys!

Did you notice we have a new, updated "JapanLA" logo? It was designed by our artist friends, TADO, from the UK! We asked them to do a collaboration tee with us using their cute characters around the new logo. We have men's and women's JapanLA x TADO tees available online and in-store now!

Both Tees are 100% Cotton and are super soft. $20. 


We restocked all of our Kigurmi's from Sazac this week & got 6 NEW Kigurumi styles that are all so amazing!!

These Alpaca Kigurumis are so soft and cute. Perfect for Halloween this year or just snuggling up and wearing out and about or at home as pajamas. They come in Pink and Blue so you can match with your best friend just like some of our favorite JapanLA staff Noel & Luna!

Pink Alpaca Kigurmi $59.99

Blue Alpaca Kigurumi $59.99

This New White Owl Kigurumi is so magical!  This Kigurumi has huge white wings attached to the arms so you can fly and deliver special letters to your friends. $59.99

This Sulley Kigurumi is so cozy! The material is very soft and keeps you warm. Perfect for a Monsters Inc movie party! $75

Skunks are our friends here at JapanLA. This Skunk Kigurumi is too cute with its big skunk tail on the back. $59.99

This Octopus Kigurumi is super cool. This Kigurumi has 8 tentacles with little red and white suckers attached. $74.99

Tokidoki sent us a bunch of cute new things this week! 

Meet Palette! This adorable leopard is the newest addition to the tokidoki vinyl family. She has a beautiful white coat covered in special leopard spots that change colors with her mood. 

This Vinyls head, arms, and tail are pose-able! Measures 5" tall & is an Official tokidoki item, $19.95.


Tokidoki also has so many cute new tees! These are all available in store and online. 

Drizzle Women's Tee, $24


Sweet Dreams Women's Tee, $24

Terror Men's Tee, $24

Little Dipper Women's Tee, $24

Leg Up Women's Tee, $36

Tokidoki also came out with two new hoodies!

The first hoodie is called the Osaka Hoodie and features the Sakura and Bambu Unicornos. The print inside of the hood has all of your favorite tokidoki friends playing in the cherry blossoms with Japanese fans.

The Second hoodie is the Donutella Ciao Hoodie. The front of this hoodie features the always sweet Donutella and her Donut Dog friend Donutino. The print inside the hood is covered with Donutella and all of her donut friends.

Both hoodies are 80% Cotton 20% Polyester. Official tokidoki items. Available online and in store, $59.99.

We LOVE these new Baby Sasquatch and Baby Yeti plushes from Vuduberi! They are so big and soft and are perfect to snuggle with. 

Baby Sasquatches live deep in the forrest and tend to be mistaken for giant bears. They love nature and woodland animals are their friends. Some believe that they have magical powers that can heal trees and help them grow faster.

Contrary to popular belief, Baby Yetis are quite gregarious. The howling wind you hear in the forest is actually them singing, a favorite pastime. Yetis spend most of their days preening their super soft coats by licking them clean. Despite their size difference, baby yetis enjoy being in the company of pygmy penguins. The penguins love to snuggle in the lush fur for warmth, while the yetis love the tickling sensation of the playful petite penguins.

Both of these plushes Measure Approx. 22" tall x 14" wide x 7" deep (26" wide with arms outstretched) Both Plushes are $46.99

We just restocked about bunch of super fun and funky socks, from Sock it to Me this week! Accessorize your outfits with some of these awesome socks. You can choose from Boston Terriers to Donuts to Narwhals fighting a Unicorn. Socks are $10-11. Available online and in store!

These are all available in store and online at JapanLA! Don't forget to check out our Instagram to see even more of our new things! 

Have a great day!


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