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So Much tokidoki At JapanLA Tomorrow!!!!!

March 01, 2007
Hi! I just got a bunch of tokidoki in today. Yes, we have the new girls all-over tokidoki hoodies in grey. Stpehanie was working today, so she got to be the model today. These are the hoodies you guys have been calling me about. They're $84, just like the guys ones were. I love them. Steph is wearing a medium, they run pretty true to size.

We have 4 new shirts with their new blk and white theme. Here is one of them. They are $44. We only have one picture of them, see below. But there is also one with Nana Star's face super huge on the front and adios star's face on the back, so picture them without a star around them. We also have a storm grey t-shirt with an all-over black print on the back, and some print on the front.

Here is the back of that shirt. so cute...

We have guys' stuff too. Steph put on a men's small hoody. I heart L.A. There is an Adios Star hoody pullover too. You can see it in the background of the picture below. We don't have a lot of these. These will definately sell out tomorrow.

Here is the back of the men's hoody. We also turned the Adios Star hoody around in the background, it has Fantasminos on the back.

Ok, last picture. Stephanie aka unabomber....I love this hoody. It runs kind of tight. Steph is wearing a medium. This one is $75. In the background, you can see the tokidoki dress...sorry I couldn't take pics of everything...the dress is $55.

We also got in 2 tank tops/wifebeaters: one is the momo peaches all over it in a white tank and a light yellow tank with the "loves me" flower on it. Those are $40....we have some of the peachy tshirts too....more tshirts are in....latte, rainbows, pink Sandy shirt with characters around it...there are other shirts in too. I haven't even finished unpacking the boxes yet. We are opening at 11am tomorrow. So, come to JapanLA tomorrow. If you live far away and can't make it, we will send you stuff, but those who show up at 11am have first, if you want something, email me your full name, address, phone #, credit card #, exp date, 3 digit code on the back...If you don't want to send your cc# over email, just send us the email with your address and other info, and we will call you and get your card #. xoxoxo, Jamie

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