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Hello Kitty Chopsticks And Charms! tokidoki Amore Bags! Hookups!

Friday the 13th is a lucky day...we just got more tokidoki LeSportsac Amore bags...we have Bella, Buon Viaggio, Portotelefono, Ciao, Bracielleto, Luna, Bocce, and Bambino...Here is a pic...If you want these, come tomorrow, they sold out in one day last time we had them....we are also getting more Canguro, Ciao Ciao, Buon Viaggio, and a few Giocco, probably on Monday.

Hello Kitty Phone Charms...the ones for Japan are at JapanLA...We have a bunch...they are so cute...they're Hello Kitty dressed in kimonos and weird kabuki costumes...We also got in Hello Kitty Chopsticks, pens, pins, and cute!

New Rare Item from Japan: Hello Kitty and Ride on Rody Collaboration. You know that Rody thing that kids ride on...Blind boxed 6 colors plus mystery color. 3 inches high, bobblehead figure. These are so cute. There's one per box...we opened 2 boxes...They're $6.95...I want all the colors...

We have new Hookups tshirts, decks, and stickers in...some new characters, and this really funny shirt called, "smoking is fun." ($19.50)...Here are a few pics...

Hookups Snow White...

Mean Nurse Kazumi...

Sorry, these pics are boring. I worked by myself, and couldn't find anyone to take pictures of today, so just product...oh well...Come visit JapanLA this weekend and see cute stuff. xoxoxoxo, jamie :p

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