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Big Gloomy Bears Are Here! And Buff Monster Tees For Girls!

We just got in the big 16 inch, plastic Gloomy Bears back in. Last time we had these, they sold out right away. We have pink and pink w/blood. $35 each.

We have a special limited amount of Buff Monster tshirts for girls. He hand screened these just for us. They're $30 each.

This one glows in the dark.

We also got in Gloomy Bear Sunshine Buddies...they are solar powered and their head bobs from side to side, we have pink and pink w/blood...$26...and small panda gloomy plush...$8

We got in a few more tokidoki LeSportsac bags in...Buon Viaggio, Canguro (belt pack), Bella, Ciao, Ciao Ciao, Bocce, and a few Giocco. Here's a pic of Zury with the Buon Viaggio bag...

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