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Hello Kitty Bananas & Pandas, New Gloomys And More!

July 01, 2008

I know we are long overdue for a new blog, so this one has tons of new stuff in it for you! I have a good excuse though. I was in Japan on the "JapanLA Super Mega Fun Tour." JapanLA and Pop Japan Travel took 28 people to Japan! The Gallery of pictures should be up this week, but in the meantime, I added some pics to the JapanLA Myspace at

We got new Tarepandas in! There are 4 new kinds including Tarepanda Babies, (the babies are the ones with dots for eyes), $28 each

Ragnarok Plushies...these are from an online game called Ragnarok, but we've been calling them Giant Mochi Balls with wings...they measure 9inches tall and 18inches wide, $30 each.

Gloomy Clocks are here! 10inches tall, $28 each.

New Gloomy Plushies, measure 10inches tall standing. They come pink with blood, pink no blood, white with blood, and black with blood, $18 each.

New Hello Kitty Panda Keychains in 8 different colors plus 1 secret color. These come blind boxed, measure 2inches tall, $7 each

Hello Kitty Bananas! We've had these for a bit, but Zury looked so cute holding them, we had to include them in the blog, 3 colors, $30 each.

DJ Hello Kitty can plug your ipod into it and it will play out of the speaker and Hello Kitty bobs here head from side to side. This comes in pink or black, $30 each. This is a rare, hard to find item from Japan.

SANRIO PROMO ITEM!!! This really cute reversible, denim tote bag is only $10.99 if you purchase $30 or more in Sanrio products. This side has hearts, the other side is black denim with Hello Kitty's face inside a heart. Regular price of this bag is $26.00. This is an in-store promo only.

We also have tons of new Sanrio products that we can't sell online, like these Badtz Maru Plushies in black, red, or blue, only $6.50 each. Other stuff we have in are: Keycaps, (Yes! the ones we sold out of, are back in stock...Hello Kitty dressed as different animals), Hello Kitty flashlights, bath sponges, soap dispensers, pens, yo-yos, cake/jello mold, mousepads, compact mirrors, and bling necklaces and lockets are back in too, but they are selling out fast again! You have to come into the store for these items.

And these candy charms, only $2.25 each are in-store only too!

Kyle came in today and we made him model too! We got more Nintendo Foamy Squishy keychains in stock, $5 each.

And these Gundam Robot Fans, in white or clear, $28 each.

Kyle is so gangsta...we just got these L.A. shirts from Upper Playground b/c we love L.A., $24 each.

Ashley came in today too! and took pics with the new little whales we got in. They come in blue, pink, aqua, and grey, measure 6inches tall, $12 each.

Moinko Plushies...I can't figure out what these are, so if anyone knows, let us know...I just love them because they are super cute! they measure 4inches tall, and 8inches wide, and come in 5 colors with different faces, $12 each ok! that's it for now...We are closed on 4th of July, so come to JapanLA now! or this weekend, Sat & Sun! xoxo, Jamie

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