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New tokidoki Plush, Toys, Soccer And More!

July 15, 2008

Hi, We have lots of new tokidoki stuff in!

Here is Julie with the Limited Edition tokidoki x mikasa soccer ball, only 1000 were made, $150 each

We also have Skeltrino and Skeltrina toys in, they are Adios & Ciao Ciao's pet cats, they measure 2.5" tall, $10.99 each

We just got in the new Sandy and Mozzarella Plush from tokidoki, they are 9" tall, $19.99 each.


We have a small amount of Hello Kitty x tokidoki items left...We have a few pencil/makeup cases (the green ones), pursecharms (we only have adios and pink cat), plush, mirrors, and bling phone charms...we won't be getting anymore of this stuff, so if you want it, don't wait


Make Me a Sandwich Dinosaur T-Shirts are back in, and we have a new color: mint green with yellow writing...and we have mens and women navy/white back in stock, $24.00 each...and new dinosaur jewelry, $20 each

New Gloomy Towels, 3 styles, only $26 each and we just got in some cute Sanrio stuff that we can only sell in store, like Hello Kitty Space Kitty wallets and makeup pouches, mini calculators, and cute Kuromi keychains...and tokidoki CACTUS PUPS are back in stock, $5 each AND...HELLO KITTY DJ SPEAKERS ARE BACK IN, IN PINK OR BLACK...See previous blog for pics xoxo, jamie

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