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tokidoki Geometric Girl Bags Are Here!

March 04, 2009

The new tokidoki Geometric Girl Bags are here! They are so cute...and have lots of my favorite characters, like Adios Brushing his Teeth and the Walkman character. This is the Amica pictured below, $210



Marina, $168


Ragazza, $158


Sorriso, $158


Serena, $198


This is a really good print for small items, like the Melodia, since the print is geometric shapes, it doesn't look chopped off anywhere, $58.


Imagini (laptop bag), $198


Creativa, Large Messenger Bag, $248


Magia, (this one has lots of Adios Brushing his teeth), $158

We also have the Bacio and the Abbraccio (backpack) in stock too!

CLICK HERE to go to the online store and see more of the bags.

We have new store hours too. People were getting confused with the different closing times. So we are OPEN EVERYDAY 11AM - 7PM.



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