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Gloomy Grizzly Bear... Grrrrrrr...

March 10, 2009

We just got some new Gloomy Bear items from Japan.


Kei stopped by and happily took some pictures with them today! Here he is with the new Gloomy Grizzly Bears and the new Cushions behind him.


These are the Gloomy Grizzly Bears. They have cute red bows around their necks that say "Gloomy Grizzly." They also have 2 large wooden buttons on their sides. They are supposed to look like Gloomy Teddy Bears. They come in pink with blood and brown with no blood. They measure 10 inches tall, and are very soft and fuzzy, $32 each.


This is Kei with the new Gloomy Cushions. These would look very cute on your couch or bed, (or in front of your face in silly pictures.)


They are 15 inches wide and come in pink with blood and pink with no blood, $32 each. These are very soft and furry.


These are the Gloomy Bear Pencil Cases. They are extra long at 15 inches long. You can put anything you want in them like pencils or makeup. Another good thing to do with them is put tissue in them and put them on your dashboard, in your car, or on your desk. They are long and floppy so that is a good place for them.


Here's a picture with all of the colors available. We have black, red, white, pink, and pink with no blood, $19 each.

We have limited amounts of these items, so don't wait and miss out on them.

We have new store hours too! WE ARE NOW OPEN EVERYDAY 11AM - 7PM.

XOX, Jamie

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