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New Hello Kitty Bling, Car, And More! Sushi Stuff!

April 17, 2009

Look at these cute sushi purses! They are made out of vinyl, and have a cute all-over sushi print inside the bag.This one is the tuna character.


This one is egg.


This one is shrimp. The bags measure 9" x 6" x 4", and are $28 each.


The bags have a detachable mini bag on the front. You can hook it onto your belt loop or attach the lanyard and wear it around your neck. (lanyard included).

We also have the sushi wallets. Choose Egg, Shrimp, Tuna, or Salmon. Here is the front of them.


And...the back...these are $10 each.


We finally have Hello Kitty Car Items!

Hello Kitty License Plate Frame: $13.50, Hello Kitty Emblem and logo to stick on your car: $19.50, License Plate charms to attach to the screws on your license plate: $19.50, and Antenna Topper: $4.50.


Hello Kitty Air Freshener (strawberry): $4.50, Car Window Sticker: $4.50, Side Window Shade: $12, Car Sunshade (not shown), $16.



Chococat Window Sticker: $4.50, Air Freshener (citrus): $4.50, Chococat Contact Lens case: $16.



Kuromi Too! Air Freshener (rose): $4.50, 15" Standing Plush: $22, Window Sticker: $4.50.



New Keycaps: $3.25 each



Hello Kitty Red Riding Hood Plush. Hood pulls off and on. The small one is 7" tall, $13, the medium one is 10" tall, $22, and there is a large one (not shown) that is 16", $56.



New Hello Kitty Bling Jewelry! This is the new Hello Kitty Outline Necklace with black, $26.


This is the new Hello Kitty Outline Ring, it curves around your finger nicely, $26, comes in size 6, 7, or 8.



Hello Kitty Locket, open it up and put a picture on each side, inside, $35.



Cute Hello Kitty Earrings, $32 a pair.


Hello Kitty Body Jewelry for belly button piercing, surgical steel post, $22.


And we have this favorite necklace back in stock, $40.

FREE HELLO KITTY PAIL THIS WEEKEND, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. COME INTO JAPANLA THIS WEEKEND AND SPEND AT LEAST $20 ON ANYTHING, AND WE WILL GIVE YOU A MINI HELLO KITTY PAIL FOR FREE! Put a plant in it, or use it to make a gift basket for someone. Pail measures 5" tall, and is a $6.50 value. Just ask us for a pail when you get here and then shop, to make sure you get one before we run out. You have to ask us for one to get one.

We also have Hello Kitty dog hats back in stock! And we restocked on the Fairy Drops Mascara. Since we bought more, they lowered the price, so we can give it to you for $26 now!

Have a great weekend!



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