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New tokidoki Mens And Womens Tees!

April 21, 2009

We just got in new tokidoki tees for Men and Women! They are $33 each, on 100% cotton. I'll show the guys stuff first!

Ninja Holding a Hot Dog while Riding a Skateboard on a Red Tee for Guys!


Grim Greasers, Adios and Ciao Ciao in a lowrider car on a Storm Grey Tee for Guys!


Adios Amigo on a Mint Green Tee for Guys!


Sgt. Spillo on a Dark Green Tee for Guys!


Now, for the Girls' stuff! All of the women's tees come with 2 free tokidoki logo hair barrettes too! The shirts are $33 each.

New! Unicorno with Falling Diamonds on a Purple Tee for Women! I know how you guys love the Unicorn character! It's hard to tell from the picture, but Unicorno is pretty big on the front of this t-shirt.


Skeltrini, Skeltrino and Skeltrina Love on a Mint Green Tee for Women!


Ninja Holding a Hot Dog while Riding a Skateboard on a Hot Pink Tee for Women!


Grim Greasers on a White Tee for Women!


Blue Birds with tokidoki Girl on a Sky Blue Tee for Women!


The new shirts are so cute! These are getting a really good response, so don't miss out on getting your size. You can find these on our online store in the "New" section.



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