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Sumikkogurashi Tapioca Park Boba Bundle by Milk+T x JapanLA
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Sumikkogurashi by JapanLA


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Make your own delicious boba with this Sumikkogurashi Tapioca Park Boba Bundle by Milk+T x JapanLA!  This is an official collaboration with Sumikkogurashi, Milk+T, and JapanLA, exclusive to JapanLA! 

With this kit, you'll receive enough ingredients to make 4-6 16oz drinks and an exclusive JapanLA Sumikkogurashi Tapioca Park Reusable Boba Cup! Instructions will be provided so you can unleash your inner bobarista! This bundle is a $58 Value! You save $8 buying the bundle vs buying the kit and cup separately. 


- 1 BPA Free Sumikkogurashi Tapioca Park Boba Cup by JapanLA

- 1 oz of loose-leaf jasmine green tea leaves

- 1/2 pound of uncooked grade A white boba balls

- 2 cups of brown sugar

- (4) plastic boba straws

- Instructions


- Shaker, blender, or a jug big enough to mix ingredients

- Strainer for tea leaves and boba

- Your favorite type of milk to add into your milk tea (we recommend whole milk or half and half! If you are vegan, use your favorite non dairy milk like oat or soy!)


Leftover boba? Keep it inside a sealed, airtight container. Do NOT put it in the fridge. After opened, boba will last 2-5 days. Once cooked, boba will only be good for up to 6 hours.

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