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Cinnamoroll JapanLA Floral Beret
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A special collaboration piece from the Cinnamoroll, My Melody & Kuromi Floral Collection between Sanrio and JapanLA!

This Cinnamoroll JapanLA Floral Beret is made from super soft light blue cotton fabric! The top of the beret is decorated with embroidered flowers and a written "JapanLA," and is topped with a blue ribbon inspired by Cinnamoroll.

The bottom of the beret has a cute embroidered print of Cinnamoroll's face with ribbons in his ears.


Fits circumference of 18" around back of head, entire hat measures 11'' in diameter.

One size fits most. 

90% Wool, 10% Polyester. Made in China.

Care Instructions: Blot with absorbent paper and clean with a soft brush or natural sponge soaked in lukewarm water, avoiding excessively wetting the beret

Official JapanLA x Sanrio collaboration

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