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New tokidoki, Gloomy Bear, Gary Baseman, And More!

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted a blog for so long...I was at ComicCon for 3 days, hanging out. It was really fun. There are some pictures on the JapanLA myspace, if you want to check them out, go to I just added a bunch of pictures and organized our myspace on Sunday, so check them out and leave us comments. The new tokidoki Tutti print is in....They are soooo cute, and are going fast, so if you want one, email or call us! Here is a pic of Stephanie with the new Avventura tokidoki bag, ($210), and the new big Gloomy Bears we got in.


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Creativity Contest Winners! New tokidoki T-Shirts, New Era Hats, Journals...

Hi Friends, Here are the contest winners for the JapanLA tokidoki Ultimate Creativity Competition Mind Explosion Extravaganza! JapanLA and tokidoki both judged the contest. It was really hard. You guys all had awesome creative stuff. The 1st Place Winners will each get an Adios and Ciao Ciao figure signed by Simone. 2nd Place Winner will get a Mozzarella figure signed by Simone. 3rd Place Winner will get Bastardino signed by Simone. Just email me your full name, address, phone # to redeem your prize, at Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who entered. For 1st Place, there was a tie! 1st Place Winner: #12 Cada Baby Helmet 

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Creativity Contest Entries...


UPDATE ON CONTEST: THE JAPANLA TOKIDOKI CREATIVITY CONTEST HAS BEEN EXTENDED...PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES BY FRIDAY, JUNE 29TH....Email your submission to: *Also, there is going to be more prizes: 1st Place: The new Adios and Ciao Ciao toy, signed by Simone. 2nd Place: Mozzarella vinyl toy signed by Simone. 3rd Place: Bastardino vinyl toy signed by Simone. Here's the details: JapanLA presents the tokidoki Ultimate Creativity Competition!*¡Mind Explosion Extravaganza!* featuring Adios & Ciao Ciao! Whoever sends me the best picture of the most creative tokidoki creation…fanart…amazingness, will win both Adios and Ciao Ciao vinyl toys signed by Simone himself. This may sound kind of vague, but this is your chance to create something spectacular to show your love for tokidoki…so do your best to make something that will win you an awesome prize…It can be anything that represents your admiration for tokidoki…you can send a picture of what you make or a video…whatever you’d like…it just has to be mind exploding. This is not a popularity contest or a “who has the most tokidoki stuff” contest. This is a contest to make something or do something that will make us say “that is definately the winner.” So explode our minds with what you can come up with… Email the pics to: I will post the mind melting ones on the blog…and you guys can post comments. If you’d like to talk about the contest, there is a discussion on the purseblog forum…; search: “JapanLA’s Ultimate tokidoki Creativity Competition” Good luck! Here are the entries so far. I'll keep adding more as they come in! Leave comments for the ones you like!

#1 Adios and Ciao Ciao Corpse Bride, by Denise Lynch

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New Friends At JapanLA...


Hi! Thanks for coming to my party last Saturday...I hope you guys had fun...The pictures are available at:, then click on "galleries" and then click on the JapanLA Party link...We'll put them up on our site later on. Here are some pics of new friends we have at JapanLA. Oh, we have the Spiaggia tokidoki bags in, but only a small amount, so if you want one, let us know asap, and we'll send you them, or come in and get them... This is Kyle, He dj'd our party last week, and now he hangs out with us at JapanLA all the time...He takes fun pictures..Leave him a comment. Here's Kyle with a new character we got in...His name is "Toast." He is $20...We love him.

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tokidoki And +44 Bus...

tokidoki has the cutest pics on their blog right now...they designed 2 tour buses for the +44 keep your eyes out and you may see these buses driving makes me want to do this to my car... 

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