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The New Pokemon ♡ Irregular Choice Collection is Here!

April 29, 2022

Shop the new Pokemon ❤️ Irregular Choice Shoes, Bags, and Accessories now on!

We have very limited quantities of the new Pokemon Irregular Choice Shoes. Hurry and get your size before they are gone! Pokemon Party Heels $279.

Pokemon Beach Party Boots $399

Pikachu Party Hi Top Trainers $269

Everyday is an Adventure Trainers $189

Sparkly Fun Hi Top Trainers $245

Trainers Club Bag $200

Mysterious Nights Bag $225

Sunshine Adventures Bag $200

Counting Stars Pouch $169

Steal My Heart Away Purse $135

Sparkle Sky Purse $149, Awesome Mode Bag $249 

Show your love for Pokemon with a stylish oversized scarf! So Many Choices Scarf and Good Times and High Tides Scarf $50 each.

The Pokemon Irregular Choice Tights are so colorful and cute! The tights fit up to a UK women's size 16, US women's S/M/L. Powered Up Tights, Be Who You Want Tights, Sparkly Tights, $50 each.

The cute new Pokemon Irregular Choice Socks Ankle Socks have the most kawaii and colorful all over print designs! Fits Women's shoe size 6 - 9. All The Possibilities Socks, Electrifying Socks, Happy Friends Socks, $25 per pair.

Tune into our Free Shipping Friday Live Shopping Show today, April 29th, at 3pm PDT on the Popshop Live App! Shop the new Pokemon Irregular Choice collection during our livestream show! You can chat with us live during the show and we can show you items from the collection in real time. 

During our show today we will have Free Shipping and *20% Off Your Purchase, on the Popshop Live Show! (*Pokemon Irregular Choice collection excluded from 20% Off).

To join, download the Popshop Live App on your phone, use the code: KAWAII to find the JapanLA channel and tune in during our live stream time. You can also watch the show on your computer using the Popshop Live Desktop Link:  

Follow us on Instagram @japanla and Tiktok @japanla to see lots of cute and fun videos from the JapanLA staff!

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