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News — 2010

Sanrio Exhibition Events Today! Gary Baseman Signing!

Hi Guys, The Sanrio: Small Gift Exhibition is so much fun. Today is the 50th Anniversary Celebration Day. Workshops and Fun!

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Sanrio: Small Gift Los Angeles! 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Hey Guys, Here's the info for the Sanrio: Small Gift Exhibition! The event is next weekend too. I will post those events later though, so it's not so confusing. Please pass these flyers along to your friends and come hang out with us during the celebration! JapanLA is curating the Art Show! We have 50 artists and 11 installations!

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Sanrio 50th Anniversary Artist Line Up! Sneak Peaks! Nerd Party!

Next week, November 12th, is the opening of the BIG Sanrio 50th Anniversary Celebration: Small Gift! JapanLA is curating the Art Show, with 50 Artists in the show, including 11 installation areas. I can finally release the list of artists participating in the show, along with some preview pics of some of the amazing art that will be for sale at the show!
Take a look at Eric Joyner's painting, "Hello Topiary." This is my dream back yard, including the robot gardner.

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Domo! Hello Kitty! Halloween Party! Yay!

New cute Domo just arrived! Skeleton Domo is super cute, $8.99 each.

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Kigurumi Adult Costumes & Hats From Japan! New Hoodies Too!

Just in time for Halloween, we just got in Kigurumis from Japan! We have the plush hats and the costumes! Kigurumi is the Japanese name for "costumed animal characters." These are for adults and fit men and women.
Official Pikachu Costume $79.99, Dinosaur $64.99

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