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We Heart Animal Crossing and Kirby New Plushies!!

Only two months until Animal Crossing New Horizons comes out, and we received a bunch of cute Animal Crossing plush to keep you company while you wait for the game's release!

This Large Isabelle Plush will give you the best hugs you can ask for. No bells needed, ($70 online, $60 in store). 

Isabelle Smiling Plush is ready to go out and do some cute tasks around the neighborhood with you. She's definitely good company if you ask us, $20.

Tom Nook, ($20) and Timmy Nook, ($15) plushies ~ Tom couldn't be prouder of his little helper Timmy! Without Timmy's help in the store Tom wouldn't have had the time to become the Real Estate giant he is today. Both plush are so soft and cute, and feature adorable embroidered facial features!

Cyrus works hard to refurbish and meet your furniture needs. Grab Cyrus and some inspiration to build and create some amazing things, $20.

Bunnie aspires to be a Gymnast! She's very peppy and always trying her best to stay positive. We're sure she'll cheer you on when you're having a gloomy day, $20.

Fauna looks so cute and fashionable, but to many a surprise, she dreams of being a teacher! She tries to be helpful and supportive in any way possible, especially if its Math Homework~ Lucky you! ($20)

No Animal Crossing Collection would be complete without a K.K Slider or in this case, DJ K.K. Ready for some dope beats? Because K.K only wants you to hear the best he has to offer, $23. 

Need to get somewhere? Kapp'n (green) is able to transport anyone and anything via boat, taxi, bus, you name it~ His friend Rover (blue) is always upbeat and while he tends to look at the glass half full, he is never one to hesitate to share or help out, $20 each.

Kirby is one of Japan's most iconic characters ~ We were so excited to get restock and new plush like this Kirby Cupid Plush, $20. The cute little halo, along with the bow and arrow makes for a cute gift (Valentine's day is just around the corner) ♡

ahhh look at these plush wings on the back of the plush! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ

We also have Kirby Cutter, Kirby Parasol, and Kirby Fighter Plush all $20 each.

All these Official Nintendo plush are a great way to add to or start your collection~ 

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