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Squishy Holidays Gifts! iBloom Peaches are back from Japan! Super Slow Rise!

December 03, 2018

iBloom Squishies are back from Japan!! These are the official ones. Don't fall for the imitations. 

iBloom Jumbo Peaches are so soft and slow rise. They smell just like real peaches too. Available in Yellow and Pink, $22 each.

NEW Mini Yellow Peach Keychains have arrived! These are the perfect size for stocking stuffers. Slow rise and also peach scented, attach them to your bag or keys with the included gold ball chain, $10 each.

These super cute Cloud Bear Squishies are now available in 3 different colors! Manie is rainbow and marshmallow scented. Mony is purple and blueberry scented. Fannie is pink and strawberry scented, $28 each. 

These Jumbo Cheese Cake Squishies look and smell good enough to eat! But Don't Eat Them! They are just for squishing. The Rainbow Cheese Cake is strawberry scented, and the Classic Cheese Cake is scented like Cheese Cake, $30 each.

The Pain du Matin Loaf of Bread Squishies are so realistic and so fun to squish! Super slow rise, the Classic Loaf smells like fresh bread and the Pink Loaf smells like strawberries, $29 each.

These Gudetama Squishy Eggs are so fun to squish! They come in a clear egg container, egg-cellent for gifting, $10 each.

We also have super cute Christmas themed Gudetama Squishy Eggs! Get the whole Gudetama Christmas Squishy Egg Set for $30, or order a surprise individual egg, $10 each.

We still have a few special iBloom King Peach Squishies in store! This is the biggest Squishy we have! It is 10.25 inches x 10.25 inches and comes in a big box for gifting! If you can't come check it out in store, you can email us to special order, $85. (We only have 1 Queen Peach Squishy left, hurry and order it online before it sells out, $65.)

We have lots of other cute Squishies to shop in store and online! These are $6 - $14 each!

Follow us at our JapanLA Melrose and JapanLA Little Tokyo Instagram to see even more cute gift ideas!

Want to see our new Little Tokyo location? Watch our Instagram Live Video this Thursday, 12pm PST @japanla. We will be filming from the Little Tokyo location that day. Don't forget to set a reminder on your phone so you don't miss it. 

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