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We Love Sanrio Danshi Boys!!

December 22, 2017

NEW Sanrio Danshi (Boys) have arrived at JapanLA! The Sanrio Danshi are a group of high school boys who each have a favorite Sanrio character. Together the boys learn to accept their love of their favorite Sanrio characters instead of feeling embarrassed. 

We love seeing all of the boys using their favorite Sanrio items! You can even see some of the same items the Sanrio Boys love, at JapanLA, like this My Melody Cushion! (Cushion is $22, you can email us to special order it!)

We just got in these super special Sanrio Danshi Plush from Japan! Each Sanrio boy is dressed up as his favorite character. We love the embroidered details on the plush faces. They are $30 each or you can get a complete set for $210. We have very limited amounts of these extra cute plush.


Sanrio Danshi Putitto Blind Box figures are so fun to pose on the edge of cups and ledges for photos! Try to collect all 5 boys and also the secret figure, $5.50 each.

Start the new year off right with these super cute Sanrio Danshi Calendars! Desk Calendar & Clear Sheet Calendar $10 each. 

Get to know all of the Sanrio Boys!

Shunsuko Yoshino is a 2nd year high school student and is the ace striker of the soccer club! His favorite character is Hello Kitty.


Yuu Mizuno is a 2nd year high school student who might seem a bit frivolous at first but is actually a very kind and caring person. He has been looking after his younger sister from an early age. His favorite character is My Melody.


Kota Hasegawa is a 2nd year high school student and his favorite food is Yakisoba. His life is very ordinary at first but gets more exciting when he meets the other Sanrio Boys. His favorite character is Pom Pom Purin.


Ryo Nishinomiya is a 1st year high school student who was born in England and his family recently moved to back to Japan. He is in the library committee and doesn't have many friends. Ryo is very shy and concerned about his appearance. His favorite characters are the Little Twin Stars.


Seiichiro Minamoto is a 3rd year student who is captain of the archery club and student council president. His favorite character is Cinnamoroll.


Subaru Amagaya, the dark-haired, dangerous looking boy is a fan of Badtz-Maru. His short description reveals little about him other than his desire to be like his favorite mascot and a desire to "find a map to freedom."


Naoki Sugami is a biology teacher at the boys school. He loves Kerropi but doesn't talk about it often because he is an adult.


The new Sanrio Danshi Anime starts on January 6th, 2018 in Japan! Here's a trailer of the new show! 

You can follow the Sanrio Boys on Twitter & Instagram to see what they are up to! Sanrio Danshi items are hard to find in the U.S., but we will try to get more items in, so keep an eye out on the JapanLA Instagram

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