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New Pre-Order Launch! JapanLA Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and Kuromi Floral Cardigans and Berets!

November 13, 2023

Pre-order the JapanLA Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and Kuromi Floral Cardigans and Berets now on! This is an official collaboration capsule collection between JapanLA and Sanrio. They are the perfect matching sets for you and your friends! 

This pre-order is limited, so be sure to order your size quickly before it sells out! Pre-Orders will end on Monday, November 20th, and items will be shipped out in late December 2023 - early January 2024.

The JapanLA Cinnamoroll Floral Cardigan is made from fully-knitted light blue cotton fabric! The front of the cardigan features two pockets with an embroidered Cinnamoroll graphic on the left side. The right sleeve is decorated with "JapanLA" in embroidered writing and a gorgeous pattern of flowers, $100.

The back of the cardigan has a full-sized embroidered design with Cinnamoroll surrounded by flowers and ribbons.

The Cinnamoroll JapanLA Floral Beret is made from super soft light blue cotton fabric! The top of the beret is decorated with embroidered flowers and embroidered "JapanLA," and is topped with a blue ribbon inspired by Cinnamoroll, $28.

The bottom of the beret has a cute embroidered print of Cinnamoroll's face with ribbons in his ears.

Did you miss out on the JapanLA My Melody & Kuromi Floral Cardigans & Berets?  We have them available for pre-order! My Melody Beret and Kuromi Beret $28 each, My Melody Cardigan and Kuromi Cardigan, $100 each.

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Snuggle up with your favorite duo in this Cinnamoroll & Milk Gingham Hat Collection! Cinnamoroll and Milk have adorable pink blush and look super stylish in their gingham hat. These plush are super soft and cuddly - you won't be able to resist their charm! 8" Plush $54, Mascot Keychains $35 each.

Shop more from the Cinnamoroll & Milk Gingham Hat Collection! The Travel Organizer Case $45, Mesh Pouch $39, Decorative Sticker Set $10, Die-Cut Mirror $25, Folding Eco Bag $35.


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