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Exclusive Pokémon Clothing, Bags, and more!

October 25, 2016

New Exclusive Pikachu Athletic Jersey is here, and it is only available at JapanLA!! It looks super cute on both guys and girls! Made of athletic jersey material and ribbing. The front features the Pokémon logo and Pikachu. The back says "Pokémon 025", which is Pikachu's number in the Pokédex! Official Pokemon collaboration item created for JapanLA, $50.

Also new today, is the Pokémon Drop Crotch Romper featuring all of the original starter Pokémon! Made of super soft material and great to wear out or to lounge around in at home, $65. Exclusive Official Pokémon x JapanLA collaboration item.


We love these NEW Pokemon Bags from Loungefly! Two Cute prints featuring Pokemon Multi Character or Pokemon Tattoo Art, $45 each. 

Pokemon Tattoo Print Purse, $70

It's important to stay hydrated! These NEW Pokemon cups are super cute and great for carrying your drinks around.

Pokemon Travel Mug, $14.99 each

Pokemon Tumblers, $14.99 each.

Pokemon Water Bottle, $14.99 each.

Halloween is only a few days away! If you still need a costume, dress up as a Pokemon Go Player! We have lots of cute Pokemon Hats, Tees and Bags in store! The Pikachu Backpack is a special drawstring knapsack, imported from Japan, $34.99. 

Check out all of our cute Pokemon stuff HERE!

Stop by the shop this weekend to shop for your last minute Halloween stuff! We have tons of Kigurumi, costumes, masks, dresses, tops, and more!!! Plus, tons of new stuff we haven't posted yet like New Gudetama, Hello Kitty, and tokidoki!! 


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