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Sanrio Japanese Sweets and Baby Collection!

February 19, 2018

We just received two New Special Sanrio Collections from Japan!! 

This new collection features all of our favorite Sanrio Characters as babies! Each Sanrio Babies Mascot Keychain Set comes with 9 super cute flocked keychain charms that you can hang off of your bag or phone or turn into a cute necklace, comes with 7 ball chains, $60 per set. (Only available by special order or in store.)  

*Please note, this collection is not for babies, the characters are babies! 

This Sanrio Babies Ceramic Stroller has so many beautiful details! Display it on your vanity or desk to hold your jewelry or a favorite plush, $40. (Only available by special order or in store, because this item is heavy and fragile, shipping costs may be higher than normal.)

The Sanrio Babies look so cute on this Memo Pad and matching File Folder Set, $5 each.

Decorate your hair with these super cute Sanrio Babies Hair Clips! Comes attached to a cute baby bottle packaging, great for gifting, $14.

We love the New Sanrio Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) Collection! 

The bags have a super cute print of all of our favorite Sanrio characters as yummy Japanese sweets. Reusable Fold-Up Shopping Bag $20, Drawstring Handbag $24.

These Sanrio Japanese Sweets Office Supplies are so sweet! They are all made of really nice textured Japanese washi paper. Stickers $3.50, Memopad $5, Letter Set $7. Made in Japan.

 New Sanrio Washi Tape and Memo Pad Inside Bus Holder!

Put this cute bus on your desk, at home or at work! Each one comes with 2 rolls of washi tape and a memo pad. Available in Hello Kitty,  Pom Pom Purin,  My Melody, & Little Twin Stars, $12 each.

Lots more items to check out in-store!  

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